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General Questions - FAQs

we are passionate about wildlife and wildlife photography…Just as you are.

Photography tours and safaris can be expensive items on the “To do” list , it is essential you achieve your photographic goals on our tours. This is our utmost priority. We make all effort to ensure you have a fun filled photography adventure, returning home with some outstanding shots in the bag and a tale of an awesome adventure!!

So, why should I use AdePhotography?

Firstly, we do not run “Scouting Tours”. The locations we offer on our tours have been well researched and visited many times over the years, our tours are designed for the sole purpose of providing you with the best photographic opportunities on location.

Where and when necessary, we only work with local operators and guides that are experienced in the location and understand the photographic demands and time flexibility that photographers need, and whom we have worked with over the years. This ensures we get you to the right place at the right time.

What happens if the tour does not get fully booked?

Our tours do not require a minimum number of participants before they go ahead, we fully understand you may need to plan for these trips months in advance, as such once your booking is confirmed you’re set for the photo adventure.

*Slight price variations may apply, and in some cases only single room occupancy will be available.

*Surcharges and Changes will be communicated prior to the start of the tour.

The time period for most of our tours is limited by the wildlife, nature and the seasons, however depending on the when your are available and the weather conditions at that time, we may be able to arrange a private tour during the period you are available to travel. Please contact us; we will endeavour to create a tour that works for you.

Your comfort is key to an enjoyable tour, please know that we will travel to some exotic rural locations, whilst these locations do not have the high end ultra luxurious 5 star hotels, the hotels and accommodations we stay in are extremely comfortable with amazing local cuisine and have been used many times on our previous tours.

On many of these tours we have some days with very early morning starts (04:30 – 05:30), so getting a good night’s sleep is essential. We only book accommodations we have used in the past.

The tour group size is kept small 6-8 photographers, these boutique style tours afford a higher degree of flexibility on the amount of time we can spend on location, and the easy ability to makes changing to the daily schedule when and where possible.

The small number of photographers also allows me more time to spend giving personal attention to all participants.

When travelling between locations in a private bus or in a jeep through the jungle, these small groups ensure everyone has ample space for self and gear.

We have a higher chance of getting everyone around the same vantage point when shooting in locations of small areas or locations that sometimes see a high number of photographers.

Yes, at times. I have travelled to all of our tour locations many times before and my own photography is not a priority, I am not on these tours for my own assignments nor portfolio. However, I am passionate about wildlife photography, and at times I will shoot alongside the group; this enables me to see what the group is seeing and give advice on exposure, camera settings, and composition. Participants can also look at my viewfinder and see how I am framing my shots and ask questions regarding my camera settings, choice of lens, shooting position, etc at any time.

It also makes standing in extreme cold or heat more bearable.

I have captured many images from around the globe; however I am still in awe of Japan and India, even though I have been photographing in these locations for over 10 years.

I know these locations very well and thus able to get you to the right place at the right time.

Japan – Is a country of immense natural beauty and the North Island of Hokkaido during winter season is magical. The sights and sounds of the Red-Crowned Cranes and the uncanny human like features of the Snow Monkeys will remain a long lasting memory with you.

India – Is an incredible country, all mystical and spiritual, with vastly rich diversity in climate, culture, language and ethnicity and also home to the Bengal Tiger, the sighting of which, is truly an amazing experience.

Sri Lanka – Beautiful country. The sight of the elusive yet visually striking wild Leopard will leave you awestruck.

All levels are welcome – Novice to Guru. However, in order to fully maximize your photographic returns it is essential you understand the basic working of your gear – Camera, Lens and Tripod.

If you have recently bought or rented equipment that you are not too familiar with, please spend some time before the tour understanding the working operation, and also please bring along a soft version of the manual.

I would suggest having 300mm at bare minimum. The longer the focal length the better, as some of the wildlife may at times be some distance away.

I generally shoot with focal lengths ranging from 200mm thru to 600mm and have several 1.4 and 2.0 extenders with me as well.

I would strongly suggest at least two. In the event of malfunction, it will be almost impossible to purchase a replacement camera once we have left the big cities.

Having your only camera fail at any time could ruin your tour.

Yes, you are welcome, but please note these tours are designed for photographers, and can entail a degree of time spent waiting for nature’s finest moments.

The early morning starts and time spent in the extreme cold, falling snow, or heat can feel regimental for non photographers.

No problem at all. We can book a private photo tour for you, using either our tour itinerary or arranged to meet your own itinerary and photographic objectives.

We will work with you to tailor your photo adventure. Contact us with your request.

Yes, these details will be announced in due course.

If you have any questions on our services or business, please contact us.