About Ade

Professional Wildlife Photographer

Beautiful birds captured on our Hokkaido photography tours

About Ade:

Ade is a British wildlife photographer now based in Japan and specialised in the northern island of Japan – Hokkaido, his work has been published in wildlife magazines, books and newspapers.

When not knee-deep in snow in his favourite winter wildlife locations, Hokkaido and Svalbard, he runs photo tours to big cat locations in India and Sri Lanka.

Through his photography he aims to bring awareness on the need to protect not only wildlife all over the world, but also their habitat, which is constantly under threat by human encroachment and reckless abandon.


Photography is an adventure with no boundaries; an adventure that has taken me from my humble abode in the south of England to some of the most spectacular places on the planet, places so remote and so breathtaking, one can only describe them as “Heaven on Earth”.

But the joy of the photography not only lies in taking the “perfect shot” nor the view of the enraptured landscape, but also with the many different cultures and people I have met and made friends with across the globe, many of whom often asked how I have taken some of my images, I found myself pondering on the answer, and I finally replied – “With patience and passion” The key to shooting great photos – Patience, passion, knowing your subject and being able to capture unique moments that show nature’s true essence.

Beautiful birds captured on our Hokkaido photography tours